About us

After the II World War in 1953 Polish combatants settling down in Kirkcaldy purchased a residence called Bennochy House to have an opportunity to meet in a Polish circle. From that moment on Bennochy House has been the base for the Society of Polish Combatants in Kirkcaldy.

Kirkcaldy section of the Society of Polish Combatants is known as one of the biggest and the most active ones across the whole United Kingdom. Currently the Club has 76 members of Polish descent and 250 members of other nationalities. The club organises various events and functions to celebrate Polish holidays and hosts an incredibly popular Kirkcaldy Acoustic Music Club.

In the past one of the traditions of the Club was also to run a Polish School, which existed in the nineties. In 2011 several parents associated with the Club proposed to revive the Polish School. Since then, thanks to help and support granted by the Board of the Club, Polish Saturday School named after General Maczek is situated by the Society of Polish Combatants in Kirkcaldy and is its integral part. The pupils attend the School and the parents can join the Club.


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